NeoX - online software

615,00 EUR

A professional portable application designed to repair electronics.

The application is an advanced calculator for repairing electronic counters and car drivers (ECU).

NeoX is an application that offers maximum flexibility and comfort while maintaining ease of use.

A constantly growing database of solutions.

The huge number of satisfied customers shows that NEOX is the best among the available calculators.



• millage repair with automatic checksum calculation in eeprom DCM6.1 FORD

• millage repair with automatic checksum calculation   in eeprom SID310 Mercedes, Renault, Nissan, Dacia 

• millage repair with automatic checksum calculation  in eeprom DCM3.7 Kia, Hyundai

• programming and editing in EDC17, MED17, MEV17 with CRC

• programming and editing of electronic counters

• programming and editing of tractors

• programming and editing in agricultural and combines

• programming and editing of forklift trucks

• programming and editing in construction machines

• repairing electronic counters (if data in the dashboard is corrupted)

• repairing and programming AIRBAG  modules

• PIN code - reading from car's ECU (CIM, BSI, UCH, etc.)

• programming and editing on motorcycles, scooters, and quads

• reading, programming and changing code in the radio

Buying NeoX you get:

- access to the online program

- license valid for 1 year

- all updates on the day of purchase

- a valid license for one stand (PC)

- 30 free tokens every month

-  functional technical support in the user panel

- loyalty program




After purchase, the license is activated within 24 business hours. The same applies to transfer the license to another computer.

The ability to transfer the license to other PC, laptop - 2 times for the duration of the license for free.

After using the limit, please contact the sales department to transfer the license.

The cost of transferring the license is 60 € each time if the limit is used.


Information about the change of law in Poland as of 25/05/2019
Please be advised that on 25/05/2019, the amendment to the Road Traffic Act and the Penal Code Act will come into force. Please read the full text of the Act (
The Act of March 15, 2019 amending the Act - Road Traffic Law and the Penal Code
„Art. 306a.
§ 1. Who changes the indication of the odometer of a motor vehicle or interferes in the correctness of its measurement is subject to imprisonment from 3 months to 5 years.
§ 2. The same penalty shall apply to anyone who commits another person to perform an act referred to in § 1.”
In addition, we would like to remind the content of our regulations (Terms & Conditions) that should be accepted when placing the order:
§12 Legal issues and liability.
Improper use of the Neo8 program may violate the laws of the country.
The seller, distributor, and manufacturer are not responsible for improper or illegal use of the Neo8 software.
It is forbidden to use the Neo8 program for illegal acts, in particular, to blur the vehicle's proper odometer indication. The part of the software used to set new kilometer value is used only to repair the correct indication of the vehicle’s odometer.


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